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Daughter of the Sun is the debut novel by A.J. Tamko, and is the first book in the Solara Trilogy.  If you enjoyed the classic Earthsea Series by Ursula K. LeGuin, or more recent fantasies such as the Seven Realms Series by Cinda Williams Chima, Graceling by Kristin Cashore, or Seraphina by Rachael Hartman, you may enjoy Daughter of the Sun.


Daughter of the Sun tells the story of Princess Gabriella, the Second Princess of Astadia, the wealthiest kingdom on a world known as Arterra. Gabriella has always felt out of place amongst the royalty and nobles. Perhaps it has something to do with her uncanny ability to understand the language spoken by the stars of the night sky. She would never dare tell a soul about this, until she meets an unusual wizard named Ja-Ded from the Distant East. He is not the great red bearded light skinned man carrying a wand of jewels whom she expected, but he is something far better: the man who knows the secrets of the stars and much more.

Ja-Ded sets Gabriella off on a course that will change her life forever. She discovers secrets of her past, a past that took place four thousand years before she was born in her current incarnation. But she also discovers truths about her kingdom that had been hidden from her eyes: truths about the unimaginable hardships some of her people go through every day of their lives. Worse yet, she discovers hidden truths about her father, King Rutherford III, the man she so desperately wants to admire.

While she is learning to face these truths, she must also confront unimaginable dangers and terrors: the witch who would offer her great power, the circle of faery who would trap her in their music forever, and the eerie red-eyed shadow creature whispering creepy chants into her ear at night. But worst of all is the Asura, a six armed winged beast who aims to enslave all of human kind by turning their very own hateful nature and need for violence against them. 

If Gabriella is to succeed in defeating the Asura and preventing human kind from plummeting into the Darkness, just as it had four thousand years prior, then she has to discover herself. Her true self. Before it is too late.....

Maya Solara: Daughter of the Sun

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