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Each month there will be a new biography of an Astadian King or Queen on this page. You will be able to view all  previous Monthly Monarchs by clicking on the link at the end of this passage.

You may scroll down even further to review the complete history of all the Monarchs in

Astadian History, as seen in Apendix B of Daughter of the Sun.


King Cartier VI

Lived from 1607 EM- 1639 EM

Ruled from 1623 EM- 1639 EM

Only 77 years passed between the time Cartier I took the throne and Cartier V reached the age of ascension. In stark contrast, it was an incredible 62 years between the time Cartier V reached the age of ascension and the time the very next one in line, Cartier VI, took the throne. There are several reasons for this. Most notably was the fertility of the women in Cartier's line. Where as the women in the early part of Cartier's line were fertile and produced multiple possible heirs, the women of the latter part of the line of Cartiers were barren and had a difficult time producing sons. Cartier V's wife Elizabeth had several miscarriages and stillborns before finally baring two daughters late into her birthing years. The eldest of those, Alyssa, died at the age of 10 due to a sudden illness. That left Melinda, six years younger, as heir to the throne. Melinda's fate as the next High Queen was sealed when her mother Elizabeth herself perished from illness prior to Melinda's reaching the age of ascension. Cartier V married again, this time to a young woman just barely older than his daughter; a woman named Lady Sarina of Dunderlin. She did bare him a son. But by then Melinda had already been named High Queen. And besides, the laws of Mesis clearly stated that an heir may only be born of the King's First True One. Any additional sons from additional marriages would be considered bastards. Melinda went directly to the Council of Nine the instant she heard of Lady Sarina's pregnancy just to re-confirm this fact. The Council of Nine agreed, and did confirm that she was the One True Heir to the throne, and only a son born of her loins could ever hold the name Cartier VI.

While the Council's ruling was good for Melinda's pride and ego, it was not a very good sign for the overall health of the line of Cartiers. Soon after reaching the age of ascension she was wed to Prince Arwin, and very soon after that, she bore him two daughters: Alysane and Abigail. But then after a series of miscarriages and still births, it appeared that she would never bare a son and the line of Cartiers would end. This appeared so likely that many powerful lords throughout the kingdom were already preparing their sons to be the one to claim the hand of Princess Alysane and begin the next line of kings. But then, much to everyone's surprise, Melinda finally gave birth to Cartier VI when she was the ripe old age of 28. 

Now, another major factor in the decline of the Cartier line, was the decline of the Wolf Brigade. (See entry on Cartier I to learn more about the Wolf Brigade). The once unstoppable force was now mediocre at best, and completely untrustworthy at worst. The requirement for the Wolf Brigade members to remove their tongues, once thought to be a fool proof way of assuring loyalty, was now, during the time of Cartier VI's childhood, already thought of as ineffective, as rumors were swirling that many anti-Cartier extremists had been so dedicated to end the line of Cartier, that they were willing to sacrifice their tongues in order to infiltrate the Wolf Brigade. Cartier VI grew up hearing of these rumors. He heard that it happened several times going as far back as the reign of Cartier IV. And then again throughout the reigns of Cartier V, High Queen Elizabeth, and his mother High Queen Melinda. It was even said that one such member of the Wolf Brigade murdered the original Cartier V.  Cartier VI spent his entire childhood hearing such tales, primarily from High Queen Melinda herself, but also from other Lords and servants he was close to in Castle Blackrock. This is perhaps why he grew up to be undoubtedly the most paranoid king Astadia has ever known.

Shortly after he reached the age of ascension and was formally named King Cartier VI, he began a practice of randomly executing members of the Wolf Brigade, on the suspicion that there were traitors among them. And though he could not be certain which of them, if any, were traitors, he felt that even if he executed the wrong one, then at least he would send a message to the true traitors, perhaps causing them to think twice before they attempted to cause harm to himself, his wife, or his as yet to be born children. The first member of the Wolf Brigade he had executed was the very guard who had been with him his entire childhood, the man who had protected him his whole life. "I never trusted that one," Cartier VI had once told an advisor. "I always knew he was up to no good." Though in truth, the young king had no solid reason for thinking so.

But his paranoia extended far beyond just the Wolf Brigade. He began finding traitors everywhere he looked. One such person was Duke Marion of Chamberlin, the Head of the Royal Guard, and a childhood friend to the king's, who the king accused of attempted regicide. He was accused of such because the king once grew very ill after an especially elaborate celebration at Castle Blackrock in which the king drank an excessive amount of wine. The king concluded, quite illogically, that his wine cup had been poisoned. Duke Marion had been overheard quipping, "Perhaps it's the king's mind that has been poisoned," which led the king to immediately point the finger at Marion. Marion was instantly executed without trial, and thereafter the king sent troops to Chamberlin to seize the castle and lands, burning all Marion's crops, killing all of the castle's servants and any surviving family members Marion may have had. 

This was the first, but certainly not the last time Cartier VI took such an action. The result of his actions was of course, that many powerful lords in the kingdom grew to despise him, and would do anything in their power to destroy him and his line. In addition, the once powerful Wolf Brigade soon became extinct, for Cartier VI executed all its remaining members, and obviously was unable to recruit new members, because who would be foolish enough to cut out their tongue just to be executed later?  It is uncertain whether there truly were conspiracies to end the line of Cartier prior to Cartier VI's reign, as he had grown up believing. There can be no doubt however, that there were many conspiracies to destroy the king as a direct result of his own actions. This is why to this day, Astadians use the terms "Self-Fulfilling Prophecy" and "Cartier VI's Prophecy" interchangeably. 

Cartier's wife Angelica bore him one daughter, whom he named Lucia after his great great grandmother. He did so because Lucia was the last truly fertile woman in his line, and he thought it would bring luck to his line and assure that even if he did not have any sons after Lucia, that at the very least she would bare many sons to carry on his line. He seemed to completely ignorant of the fact that most Astadians associated the first High Queen Lucia with insanity, and did not think very highly of her.  Angelica bore no other children besides Lucia, as she herself was soon murdered. As she was found in bed with a knife in her belly, there was never any doubt that she was murdered. But who exactly did the deed the world will never truly know. Cartier VI had no fewer than five different people executed for it however. He was reportedly overhead to have said "Well if that doesn't take care of the murderer then nothing will."

So unpopular was Cartier VI that he had an extremely difficult time finding a young lord willing and ready to be the Ruling Prince and take the hand of his daughter Lucia. Any lord with any real power was ready to let the line finally die. It took until Lucia was the age of 19 for her father to find her a husband, something unprecedented in Astadian history. The young boy Cartier VI finally did find was a boy named Garron of Mayland, the third son of a middling lord in Maylandtown. 

It was perhaps in Cartier VI's own best interest that he himself was murdered before his daughter gave birth to three sons, all of whom were very obviously murdered. There was no trials for any of their murders, for High Queen Lucia had no true power. All the power resided in the Council of Nine, and a few of the most powerful lords and dukes throughout the lands, all of whom despised the line of Cartier and were in a hurry to see it end. Many of them may have even been responsible for the deaths of Lucia's sons themselves. One of these was Lord Lucas, whose son would eventually begin the next line of kings.

The Complete History of Astadian Monarchs

(This text can also be seen in Apendix B in the back of Daughter of the Sun.)

The Roberts- In the Era of our Lord Mesis on the Highest (EM) 1009- 1162 EM---Total Reign 153 years

Robert I married to High Queen Genevieve -->

High Queen Esmeralda married to Prince Horton -->

Robert II married to High Queen Lucia -->

Robert III married to High Queen Roberta -->

Robert IV married to High Queen Jocelyn -->

High Queen Risa married to Prince Karn -->

Risa’s eldest son Robert V died under mysterious circumstances at the age of

6; she had two daughters but no other sons. The line of Robert ends.

The Franklins- 1162 EM- 1229 EM--Total Reign 67 years

Franklin I married to High Queen Cassandra, daughter of Risa -->

Franklin II married to High Queen Lucinda-->

Franklin III married to High Queen Marianna -->

High Queen Iris married to Prince Lawrence -->

Iris had two sons, both named Franklin IV, both died under mysterious

 circumstances at the ages of 7 and 12 respectively. She had three daughters.

 The line of Franklin ends.

The Galans- 1229 EM- 1298 EM-- Total Reign 69 years

Galan I married to High Queen Katrina, eldest daughter of Iris-->

High Queen Elizabeth married to Prince Carson -->

Galan II married to High Queen Glenda -->

High Queen Jocelyn married to Prince Caleb -->

Jocelyn bore five daughters and no sons. The line of Galan ends.

The Jareds- 1298 EM- 1320 EM---Total Reign 22 years

Jared I married to High Queen Mariana, the eldest surviving daughter of Jocelyn-->

High Queen Genevieve married to Prince James-->

Genevieve perished at the age of 18 under mysterious circumstances. Though

it is said that she miscarried twice, she was never able to produce an heir for

Jared I.

The James’s- 1320 EM- 1356 EM---Total Reign 36 years

James I married to High Queen Gabriella -->

James II married to High Queen Lucinda -->

James III unmarried-->

James III died just during his Age of Ascension ceremony, evidently from

 drinking too much wine. He had not yet married. His father James II was

 already deceased by this time. His younger brother Lawrence put in a bid to

become the new King, but was rejected by the Council of Nine.

The Marcuses- 1356EM- 1453 EM--- Total Reign- 97 Years

Marcus I married to High Queen Mariana -->

Marcus II (the original) perished at the age of 13-->

Marcus II (formerly Prince Carlton, brother of Marcus II) married to High

 Queen Esmeralda -->

High Queen Clementine married to Prince Alpert -->

Marcus III married to High Queen Miranda -->

High Queen Risa married to Prince Arian -->

Risa bore one son, Marcus IV, who perished at the age of 15 under mysterious

circumstances. She had two daughters. The line of Marcus ends.

The Gradins- 1453 EM- 1478 EM---Total Reign 25 years

Gradin I married to High Queen Genevieve, eldest daughter of Risa -->

Gradin II married to High Queen Isabel -->

Gradin II was stripped of the crown by the unanimous ruling of the Council

of Nine due to the illegal over taxation of a town. Isabel had already bore

Gradin III, but he too was stripped of all rights to the crown.

The Cartiers- 1478 EM- 1651 EM----Total Reign 173 years

Cartier I married to High Queen Glenda -->

Cartier II married to High Queen Melinda -->

Cartier III married to High Queen Lucia -->

Cartier IV married to High Queen Elena -->

Cartier V (the original) perished at the age of 9-->

Cartier V (formerly Prince Hilton, brother of Cartier V) married to

High Queen Elizabeth -->

High Queen Melinda married to Prince Arwin -->

Cartier VI married to High Queen Angelica -->

High Queen Lucia married to Prince Garron -->

Lucia bore three sons, all of whom perished before the age of 12. She had one

 daughter. The line of Cartier, at long last, comes to an end.

The Lucas’s- 1651 EM- 1713 EM---Total Reign 62 years

Lucas I married to High Queen Elena, daughter of Lucia -->

Lucas II married to High Queen Naomi -->

High Queen Clementine married to Prince Rupert -->

Clementine bore no sons and just one daughter. The line of Lucas ends.

The Victors- 1713 EM- 1746 EM-----Total Reign 33 years

Victor I married to High Queen Alyssa, daughter of Clementine -->

High Queen Genevieve married to Prince Clayton -->

Upon her death, Genevieve had bore seven daughters but no sons. The line

of  Victor ends.

The Jacobs- 1746EM-1883 EM----Total Reign 137 years

Jacob I married to High Queen Evaline, eldest surviving daughter of Genevieve -->

Jacob II married to High Queen Carina -->

Jacob III married to High Queen Clarissa-->

Jacob IV (the original) perished at the age of 2 -->

Jacob IV (always named so for he was born after the death of the original)

 married to High Queen Emily -->

High Queen Lillian unmarried  -->

Lillian bore but one daughter, Emily. The line of Jacob ends.

The Rutherfords- 1883EM- 1973EM (Present)----Total Reign 90 years thus far

Rutherford I married to High Queen Emily, daughter of Lillian -->

High Queen Francis married to Prince Elton -->

Rutherford II married to High Queen Grace -->

Rutherford III married to High Queen Naomi-->

Rutherford III has one surviving daughter, Princess Gabriella. The future

of this line is yet to be determined.

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