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Welcome to My Blog!!

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog, where I will discuss and/or rant about a variety of topics. Many of these topics will be related to my youtube channel (where I am known as Akton Tamko)- so television shows, movies, etc., typically in the genre of fantasy and sci-fi. But of course, since I am now a writer with a published novel, and you're probably getting to this blog through my author website, I will also be blogging about all things writing and reading, usually related to the fantasy genre. I may also blog about the writing process itself at times.

Other times, maybe I'll just blog about some random topic that's on my mind, including, yes, I'm sorry, politics. I don't believe in being non-political. If you're not being political, then you are ignoring the state of the world, and I just simply can't do that. Not that those posts will be anywhere near the majority of my posts, but trust me, they will occur. I will try to sort everything in nice and neat categories for y'all so you can choose what you want to read and not read.

Feel free to comment on any of my blog posts but just remember the general rule of being respectful, both to myself and other commenters.

Thanks for checking out my blog! Enjoy!


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