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What People Are Saying About Daughter of the Sun

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"This novel was beautiful. Not only was the story interesting and engaging, but it also raised many questions about the way out own world is slowly falling into its own darkness. Although Gabriella was raised to be a polite, subservient princess, she learns very quickly how to be strong and brave, and she knows from the beginning how to think for herself, even if she is discouraged from doing so in the beginning. Through all this, however, she also is able to remain feminine and sweet, presenting a pleasant alternative to the frightening image of the feminist that many detractors try to build. Gabriella is proof that you can be pretty and smart, powerful and caring, and can be brave and fight for what’s right without having to give up what makes you happy. Furthermore, Gabriella views the way that many different people live once she begins her journey, realizing that the poor often struggle to obtain basic necessities that she, as a rich princess, took for granted and often left to be disposed of, and that people are often treated differently based on the pigment of their skin. She also learns that her understanding of the world as heavily shaped by those in power, and that “evil witches” are often just women who were too powerful for the ruling males’ liking, and that the pursuit of power and money often leads to the innocent and powerless to be hurt or even killed. Gabriella decides quickly that she wants to change the status quo when she is queen, though also becomes aware that doing so will take a lot more than just commanding it to be so. While doing so, however, she also learns that loving one another and helping out your neighbor, even when you have little to give, can often brighten up faster than waiting around for bigger changes, even if just for one person. Hopefully, reading this book will encourage others to see injustice in our own world, and spread a little kindness to those who need it."

Finley- Goodreads Member

"Daughter of the Sun was a fun read. The novel follows the adventures of Princess Gabriella, a young woman who has lived a sheltered life in a castle but is sent on a quest by the mysterious wizard Ja Ded. Along the way, she discovers another side to the kingdom her governess taught her about. The book almost feels like C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia, as Gabriella discovers that the world is far more magical than she ever imagined, in ways both wonderful and terrifying. The story has many surprising twists and turns, making me want to read on. A great debut novel from A.J. Tamko. I am eager to see what he does next. "

-Brinton Berg- Goodreads Member

"Daughter of the Sun is the first book in The Solara Trilogy and introduces us to Gabriella, a princess that must search for answers. Her quest will lead her to understand her true identity and the very nature of the universe. The book was full of action and unexpected twists that kept me wanting to read more. The vivid descriptions of Princess Gabriella’s world and the people and creatures that inhabit it made the book a joy to read. I especially appreciated the overarching themes in the book about love and light conquering fear and darkness. It was an uplifting tale with a message of positivity and hope. I recommend this book highly and look forward to the next books in the series."

Amy- Goodreads Member

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